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Severe Weather Strikes the South

A three-day severe weather event that covered areas from Oklahoma to North Carolina. This system spawned 69 confirmed tornadoes, and 191 reports of Tornadoes. This Severe Weather event was the first major severe weather outbreak of 2014. The year seemed to have started off a record-pace, but this outbreak came out of nowhere. On April 26, 2014, the first tornado fatality was reported in North Carolina. It snapped the longest tornado fatality year in 99 years. This severe weather outbreak spawned many large and dangerous tornadoes.

Mayflower, Arkansas, was one of the first and worst hit areas of the Severe Weather Outbreak. This Super-cell was on the ground for over 100 Miles in Arkansas and it produces two large tornadoes in Mayflower and Vilonia. The twister cut a swath of destruction through the small towns of Mayflower and Vilonia, Arkansas. Sixteen people were killed and 400 to 500 homes were destroyed. The Tornado was rated an EF-4(166-199) MPH. The tornado left a 41-mile (66 kilometer) trail of destruction. This was the focal point of the Severe Weather Outbreak. 

   There were many strong tornadoes in the South over the next 3 days, there were many debris balls( Debris that is indicated by radar) on Monday, which had the largest amounts of Severe Weather of the three days. But the 69 People that were killed, if some of them had a NOAA Weather radio in their homes or a weather app on their smartphone they could had lived. It is always Essential to have a NOAA weather radio in your home or business. 

Images of Mayflower, Arkansas Tornado Below: